4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Tailor Could Do For Your Jumpsuit!

Being a professional, your tailor can deliver exceptional results on a range of clothing items.

Altering a jumpsuit is no exception!

1. Altering arms and legs

This may be the most obvious of the five, but altering the sleeves of a jumpsuit or taking in a leg can make all the difference. If you have a tight-fitting garment in the arm, it can be dropped, creating more breathing space and a more comfortable fit. For too short or too long jumpsuit legs, our tailors can adjust the hem or take away the length to keep you in proportion and maintain that perfect fit. If you decide to go a little more extreme by opting for a complete sleeve removal or a leg alteration, we’ve got your needs covered. Our jumpsuit alterations ensure you feel comfortable, whatever your style.

2. Insert a zip

Is your jumpsuit a struggle to get into? Perhaps you don’t wear it as much as you like, purely because it’s a pain to work with on most occasions. Don’t neglect your favorite items – a tailor can add a zip quite easily to cater for your comfort. Depending on if you want your new zip to be a part of your overall look, or you’d prefer it to be conveniently hidden, we can deliver. As the addition of a zip will need a little extra fabric, it will work much better on a jumpsuit which can be taken in too. If your jumpsuit has a broken zipper, we can replace or repair this, no problem.

3. Neckline alterations

If you’re not happy with your jumpsuit’s neckline, don’t panic. Altering a jumpsuit with our team ensures you get a completely perfect garment. It can happen – a jumpsuit might be a perfect fit in any other aspect, but your neckline might not be very flattering for your body type. We can switch up your neck style as well as removing a collar or button. We’ll make sure we create the most flattering style for your body.

4. Waist tuck

Taking in the waist of a jumpsuit can prevent your clothing from looking like you’ve just borrowed it from a relative. Our talented tailors can work their magic to ensure your jumpsuit flows with your body shape and is comfortable to wear day in, day out. Having the right fit around your waist accentuates your figure, making it appear slimmer.

Altering a jumpsuit is easy with our talented tailors.

If you already own a jumpsuit that’s hiding in the depths of your wardrobe, or you’re thinking about purchasing one in the near future, you’re in luck. Altering a jumpsuit to your exact specifications is no match for our professional tailors. From dress alterations to suit amendments, our services are extensive. To request a quote or to find out more information about the services we offer, get in touch by giving us a call today on 07821479695 or email us at

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